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Special Gajaks

Take your tastebuds on a ride of flavours with crunchy flattened piece of absolute wonder sprinkled with sesame seeds and love. A winter specialty mad..
Ex Tax:Rs.210
Adding Elegance for your Tastebuds to the Regular Gajak. Narayan Ji's Soan Gud Gajak is the perfect combination of Gajak Legacy and quality class. Ses..
Ex Tax:Rs.220
Our PISTA TILSAKRI is an exotic version of the traditional sweets with the presence of sesame seeds and jaggery (Gur) adds a rich dry fruit to this sw..
Ex Tax:Rs.240
The crunch of golden roasted sesame seeds, the earthy sweetness of jaggery - it is a match made in heaven. Imagine heavenly blend simply melting in yo..
Ex Tax:Rs.230
One of the softest Chikki on the planet which just melts in your mouth - ideal for every ageAwesome combination of Peanuts,Jaggery (Gud),Sugar,Brown C..
Ex Tax:Rs.190
Prepared using finest ingredients, traditional recipe and hand rolling technique to ensure authentic texture & flavour.Crispy and deliciousSesame ..
Ex Tax:Rs.190

Best Seller

Experience heavenly bliss with each bite of our Gajjaks. Each product is an exotic version of the traditional sweets with the presence of sesame seeds and jagger (Gur) adds a rich dry fruit to this sweet. Indulge in the World of our sweets hear your inner voice say WOW! 

Preparing the sugar delight
Preparing the sugar delight
Sweets are prepared from handpicked premium quality ingredients using traditional recipes and are freshly packed and shipped to you only when your order is received.
All orders are processed and shipped within 7 working days, once payment is confirmed.
To ensure safety and maintain a uniform packaging, Narayan ji provides all its sellers with its own branded quality packaging material, including double-layered plastic bubble envelopes and cardboard boxes.