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Dry Fruits

Dry Fruits
ALMOND(SITARBAI BADAM / KAGAZI BADAM) have amazing health benefits with good taste. They are top on the list of the nuts for their huge benefits. They are excellent for health benefits like sharp memory &ayurvedic medicine. Aside from being an abundant source of nutrients like magnesium, mangane..
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Mamra Almonds are cultivated organically without using chemicals. You typically buy these almonds in their almost natural state.Delicious, Crisp, Bold Mamra Almonds - Agricultural produce of Afghanistan. . Order online at Narayan ji and get it delivered at your doorstep...
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Deliciously Crisp, Extremely rich in nutrition and an exotic nut. Mamra is also richer in sugar content than the other types of Almonds, and that is why it is considered as a potent energy snack.The thing that actually sets aside the Mamra Almond from the Californians and Gurbandis is the method of ..
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Selected a grade fresh tasty Kashmiri dried figs for sale. We assure best quality figs (angeer) to you. These tasty and delicious figs are good for whole family. It can reduce cholesterol, energiseyour digestive system and help with constipation. These figs are rich in iron, calcium and fatty acids...
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It is a delicious nut which is crispy in taste, acts as the best buddy in the morning breakfast and as an anytime snack. Almonds are a source of vitamin E, copper, magnesium, and high-quality protein; they also contain high levels of healthy unsaturated fatty acids along with high levels of bioactiv..
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How 'bout a Cashew Nut Pulao (with Raisins of course) this weekend? Generally used as garnish, in chivdas or fried snacks, to make puddings, in kheers, pastries and sheeras. Get a crunchy taste in all your favourite dishes. Get them at the best price from Narayan Ji online store..
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Narayan Ji's Dry Fruits brings to you the rich quality of dry fruits which are 100% natural and fresh. nuts are Super Fresh, Crunchy. Out of all types of our dry fruits, Cashew Nuts/Kaju are our special & Premium Quality product as these cashew nuts are hand packed in special zipper Pack which i..
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The CASHEW240 tastes buttery, sweet and salty which makes it a favorite snack for all time. The cashew nut can be eaten raw, roasted or salted, a quick snack that can be carried to work, office or gym...
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Our cashews are a real treat. These are the best nuts you can ever find. They are delightfully rich and tasty, a nutritious treat that will make a great snack time. 100 percent natural crunchy cashew nuts. Good for an active life style, perfect for snacking, Hearts best friend, contains oleic acid, ..
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cardamom is great to flavour dishes such as stews and curries. Our Elaichi lightly crush the whole pod and add it to the mixture. Cardamom also has an affinity with chocolate. Besides, adding taste to your recipe. Cardamom Powder boil in hot water to prepare cardamom tea. It is used to flavor both s..
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King size uniformly fried crunchy nuts. Good for an active lifestyle, perfect for snacking. Hearts best friend, contains oleic acid, improves cardiovascular systemRice sources of antioxidants, minerals and Vitamins. Start living healthy with Narayan Ji's finest Fried cashews. It is our constant ende..
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Apricots are so soft, delicious & jumbo in size no one can stop on eating just once. Apricots can be included into your diet in many ways. This can be added as a part of your breakfast or make a dip using these tasty apricots or to your fruit salad or just eat them healthy as it is. Get this exo..
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