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enjoy these PISTA BATI GAJAK lip-smacking Roasted like Almonds, Cashew Nuts. Today's life is too busy to think about your and your family's health. Unhealthy food creates risk of obesity and heart aliments. Our tasty and healthy ingridients will surely boost your familys health . Order today..
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Narayan's gud kajju Gajak Chikki is a luscious handcrafted sweet, non-sticky and nutritious chikki. It is natural chikki made purely from jaggery, Seeds(Till),Sugar,Dryfruits,Brown Cardamon(Moti Elaichi)&Pure Deshi Ghee in a way like it is homemade. Jaggery contains lot of iron & is natural ..
Ex Tax:Rs.240
Chocolate Kaju Gajak is the answer to your sweet cravings! You can never go wrong with this sweetmeat and this can be gifted on any occasion to anyone special. flavoured withSesame Seeds (Till),Jaggery (Gud),Sugar,Brown Cardamon (Moti Elaichi),Choco Flavour & Pura Deshi Ghee, this is the best we..
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You'll love our CRUNCHCY LADDU by Narayan Ji--Here's Why. Handmade laddu m,sade from purified and premium quality sesame seed and jaggery.Made with Jaggery, Peanuts, Gond and Deshi Ghee., this famous and addictive Revadi is very healthy and helps in warding off cold...
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Now Tasty & Healthy is together with Narayan Ji's Gud Ki Gajak. Buy Gud Gajak Online and Get it Doorstep Delivered. With Perfect combination of Moti Elaichi, Jaggery, Pura Deshon Ghee, and Sesame Seeds (Till), this is the health friendly dessert this season. Shop for Narayan Ji Gajak, the best G..
Ex Tax:Rs.220
This ujjaini poha sev is medium spicy in taste. This poha sev is basically used as the topping of poha and it is considered as the best companion for evening snacks with tea. This poha sev is famous for its taste and quality not in India but around the world. We serve you the traditional taste of In..
Ex Tax:Rs.70
KHAJUR DRYFRUIT LADDU filled with almonds, split white cashews, selected pistachios, walnuts, seedless arabian dates, golden raisins, whole wheat, syrupy kesar jaggery, sesame seeds, and more. Made fresh for every order with only natural ingredients. No additives of any form are used. Wholesome, nat..
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Jaggery is good for digestion & good natural cleansing agent for the body, it is being used in India as natural after meal or dessert for ages..
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Are you lover of Roll Gajak too? it's not hard to find anymore. Shop for Soan Gud Roll with Narayan Ji Gajak and enjoy this wonderful sweetness. Sesame Seeds (Till),Jaggery (Gud),Sugar,Pistachios,Brown Cardamon (Moti Elaichi),& Pura Deshi Ghee take part in this drool-icious blend. Order Gajak on..
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Prepared using finest ingredients, traditional recipe and hand rolling technique to ensure authentic texture & flavour.Crispy and deliciousSesame Seeds (Till)Chikki/Sesame Seeds (Till)Patti contains Peanuts,Jaggery (Gud),Sugar,Pistachios,Brown Cardamon (Moti Elaichi),& Pura Deshi Ghee, from ..
Ex Tax:Rs.210
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