Rewari, Narayanji Gajakwale Pvt Ltd”
July 22, 2019

Narayanji Gajakwale Pvt Ltd” With the rich experience of across generations, we offer the best quality Rewri, Gajak wrapped in traditional cordiality, with authentic Indian Traditional Flavor and Recipes, shaped by a team of experienced and motivated workforce, providing you the best with continues tradition of constant innovation by introducing new flavours and tastes.

At the manufacturing unit, products are thoroughly processed to maintain maximum purity in the state of art environment. All Gajak are made on fully handmade, state-of-the-art machines. Packaged in a clinically hygienic environment. All the raw dry fruits, flour, kewra, cardamom, cashew nuts, almonds condiments are selected and purchased only from the best. Guarantee of hygiene, Pure Desi Ghee is used.

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